Nutritional Therapy is an evidence-based personalised Naturopathic Nutrition approach. It combines the study of biology, biochemistry, genetics and food science with diet, lifestyle and exercise to support one's health and wellbeing and prevent illness. Nutritional therapists are trained to support people in restoring their health by identifying and alleviating the root cause of a problem. A nutritional therapist assesses not only the person's diet but also considers factors like lifestyle choices, their environment and medical history, which also can influence their health.


A nutritional therapist is able to use a wide range of diagnostic tools when developing a support plan that accommodates the person's needs and goals.

Nutritional Therapy is also about empowering people by educating them about the benefits of dietary and lifestyle intervention, so that they can take charge of their own health after the necessary number of one-to-one consultations have been completed. 


what to expect during consultations

Nutritional therapy is a one-to-one consultation and the first consultation can last up to 90min. During this time the practitioner gathers information by taking a detailed case history from the person, and this will reflect on the developed plan. A simple physical exam may also be performed like checking the person's eyes, tongue, pulse and nails, as well as taking measurements like person's weight, waist, blood pressure and sometimes pH levels using a paper strip. 


Follow-up consultations are between 45 to 60min. Each follow-up is an assessment of any changes since the last consultation and will provide an opportunity to change  or amend the protocol. 

Agreement to terms and conditions must be signed when requesting to book a consultation. 


how can nutrition help​

Some of the most common areas where naturopathic nutrition can provide support are:

  • PCOS, endometriosis

  • Fertility 

  • Fatigue/Tiredness  

  • IBS/IBD and digestive issues

  • Allergies, autoimmune conditions

  • Diabetes, thyroid support and weight management 

  • Stress management and nervous system support

  • Sports nutrition and more

Who can benefit from a Nutritional Therapy

Anybody who wants to improve their overall diet and lifestyle, or those who have chronic health conditions.

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